Why to participate

1. Chance to compete with the best young chess players from around the world.

2. Opportunity to visit and explore the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece.

3. Chance to improve your chess skills and learn from experienced chess players and coaches.

4. Chance to make new friends and meet people from different countries and cultures.

5. Experience the thrill of playing in a prestigious international tournament.

6. Opportunity to gain recognition for your talent and dedication to chess.

7. Chance to represent your school, city, and country in an international event.

8. Opportunity to network with chess enthusiasts and professionals from around the world.

9. Chance to be a part of an exciting and memorable event that you will remember for years to come.

10. Opportunity to participate in various cultural and social events organized by the hosts to make the most of your visit to Rhodes.

11. Chance to be a World Champion in your category !

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