Round 1

Few minutes after 15.00, Chief Arbiter Mr. Panagiotis Nikolopoulos gave the start of the 1st round of the World School Championships at the Rodos Palace Resort Hotel.

530 children from 53 countries, with the representative team of Greece to lead with 106 participants (60 of which come from the South Aegean Region), followed by Kazakhstan with 54, Turkey with 39, Mongolia and Tunisia with 30.

21 titled players with Turkish FM Hasan Huseyin Celik (U15) being the top elo rated player of the tournament (ELO 2416). Accordingly, in the girls’ categories, Kazakh WIM Amina Kaiberkova (G17) is the top seeded female player (ELO 2157).

1st round held several surprises with several of the favorites “stumbling”, which portends a highly competitive championship. It is 100% sure that we are about to watch chess battles until the final fall. Case in point, in the U17 category Romanian FM Andrei Filip (ELO 2327) was defeated by Turkish Yusuf Portokalci (ELO 1801). Click here to watch the game.

As for the Greek team, Sioutis, Papaioannou, Poupalos, Stathatos, Skodras M., Kiryttopoulos P., Deliezos, Tasiopoulos, Oikonomopoulos, Kiryttopoulos I., Kazakis, Lampos, Tamiolakis, Skodras D., Panaretos and Vassilas A started on the right foot. In the girls categories, Vassila E., Goutzouki, Siskou, Bekiaris, Lambou, Volani, Kaka and Vitorouli started strongly scoring victories.

All the 1st round games are uploaded as .pdf file. Click Here

The championships are a joint event of Chess Club of Rhodes “Ippotis” with the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Rhodes through the Municipal Organization of Culture and Sports (DOPAR) under the auspices of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the Hellenic Chess Federation (ESO).

Special thanks to our sponsors, who always stand by our side.
To facilitate transportation, Mr. Nikos Xenakis (Xenakis Cars) as the sponsor of electric mobility, provided 3 modern cars (electric – hybrid) covering the needs for the transportation of the organization’s executives. Beekeeping of Dodecanese, J&D Rent a Car, Rodos Palace Hotel, Radio Taxi Diagoras, Accounting Office of Papadimitriou and Associates (Papadimitriou Panagiotis), AtHolidays, Cafe Auvergne & Restaurant Romaio, Tropaion, Odeon of Dodecanese.