Round 7

The National Arbiters’ Seminar was concluded and next week all participants will sit the exams online.

The Rhodes Regional Department of the Hellenic Red Cross stands by the organization’s side since the first day of the event and held a First Aid presentation yesterday, following the request of the 4th Rhodes Chess Festival organizing committee . The aim of the presentation was for the participants to understand the correct way to deal with various emergencies that occur at mass events, as well as in our daily lives.

As for the post-round-7 part of the FIDE World School Championships, the performances of Thetas Rithmitha Kiringoda from Sri Lanka and Yugar Durucay from Turkey remain outstanding – they are the only ones to maintain 7 out of 7. Of course, nothing is final yet since the biggest difference between first and second place is one point, which means that everything will be determined, presumably in the last two rounds.

Thetas Rithmitha Kiringoda from Sri Lanka

First in every category so far.
U07: First Nurali Nurshin with 6.5 out of 7.
U09: First Thetas Rithmitha Kiringoda with 7 out of 7.
U11: First with 6 out of 7 Baver Yilmaz.
U13: First with 7 out of 7 is Uygar Durucay.
U15: First with 6 out of 7 is Luka Kiladze.
U17: FM Adar Tarhan, FM Suleyman Syleymanli & FM Andrei Filip are tied for first place with 5.5 out of 7.

G07: First with 6 out of 7 is Tsogtgerel Gerelt-Oyu.
G09: First with 6 out of 7 Alanna Berikkyzy.
G11: Batpelden Buyankhishig is first with 6.5 out of 7
G13: First with 6.5 out of 7 is Evangelia Sisko.
G15: First with 6 out of 7 Anastasia Kirtadze.
G17: First with 6.5 out of 7 WIM Amina Kairbekova.

Tenguundalai Ganbat failed to stop Yugar Durucay, although he had the chance.
Thetas Rithmitha Kiringoda also found a nice checkmate idea.

Evangelia Siskou (G13) surpassed Diana Tynushtyk’s obstacle and is first at her category with 6.5 out of 7. Filippos Oikonomopoulos (U11) remains unbeaten after the draw and is tied with the pioneer Baver Yilmaz in 2nd – 6th place with 5. 5 out of 7 (3rd after tiebreaker). Spyros Hartofylakas after his victory over Poupalos is in 9th place (tied with 3rd place). Mattheos Konstantinos Kazakis (U11) has losses only from No1 & 3 of the initial ranking (Smirnov & Kuandykuly) and with 5 out of 7 he is in 9th place (tied with 6th) and a performance of 1735(!). Katerina Gutzoukis after her victory over Azera Leyla Rzali climbed to 9th place with 4 out of 7 while Athanasios Tsarouhas (U07, 4/7) has over 50% after 3 consecutive victories, Grigoris Tamiolakis (U09, 4/7 ), Ioannis Kirittopoulos (U11, 4/7), Marios Konstantinos Shkodras (U13, 4.5/7) , Dimitris Papaioannou (U15, 4/7), Nikolas Poupalos (U15, 4/7) , Regina Tsampika Kaka (G09 , 4/7), Olga Volani (G09, 4/7) and Marianda Lambou (G11, 4/7).

The first 5 boards of each category are broadcasted live via the chess websites and

You can find the games (of the first 5 boards) of all rounds (1-7) for all the categories below.
U07 – U09 – U11 – U13 – U15 – U17
G07 – G09 – G11 – G13 – G15 – G17

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WSCC2023 ft GM Giannis Papaioannou

The championships are a joint event of the Rhodes Chess Club “Ippotis” with the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Rhodes through the Municipal Organization of Culture and Sports (DOPAR) under the auspices of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the Hellenic Chess Federation (ESO).

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