Round 8

WSCC 2023 – Dream Team

The team of arbiters and their assistants made sure that the FIDE World School Chess Championships run smoothly.

The 8th round can also be described as the 1st Volume of “ups and downs”. Several changes took place in the standings and one wrong result can definitely exclude someone from the podium. In the U07, Garg Hriday beat Nurali Nurshin moving Canada’s Elliot McCallum to 1st place after Elliot’s win against Sehandu Dulneth Fernando. Although Idan Eshkol (U09) halted Thetas Rithmitha Kiringoda’s streak, the player from Sri Lanka remains in first place by half a point from the next.

In the U11 & U13 categories, Baver Yilmaz & Yugar Durucay from Turkiye remain unstoppable, with Yugar continuing his absolute 8 out of 8 streak (the only player of the tournament).
In U15, Kiladze remains 1st but the difference of half a point from the second leaves no room for predictions. The same applies to the U17 category where 1st and 2nd are ranked based on tie-breaks criteria – they scored the same points so far and the between them match is draw.

Standings after 8th round (Open Categories)
 1. McCallum, Elliot (7) CAN
 2. Nurshin, Nurali (6,5) ΚΑΖ
 3. Ulan, Rizat (6) KAZ | Hriday, Garg (6) IND

 1. Kiringoda, Thehas Rithmitha (7) SRI
 2. Zhauynbay, Alimzhan (6,5) KAZ
 3. Eshkol, Idan (6,5) ISR

 1. Yilmaz, Baver (7) TUR
 2. Kuandykuly, Danis (6,5) KAZ
 3. Obidov, Biloliddin (6,5) UZB

 1. Durucay, Uygar (8) TUR
 2. Tenguundalai, Ganbat (6,5) MGL
 3. Mamedov, Edgar (6) KAZ | Koyuncu, Omer Arda (6) TUR | Dzhumakanov, Kuanysh (6) KAZ | Khazhatuly, Alikhan (6) KAZ

 1. Kiladze, Luka (6,5) GEO
 2. FM Celik, Hasan Huseyin (6) TUR
 3. Raczek, Krzysztof (5,5) POL

 1. FM Suleymanli, Suleyman (6,5) AZE
 2. FM Tarhan, Adar (6,5) TUR
 3. CM Gokcek, Kursat Bugra (6) TUR

A both-side attack was orcherstrated by Baver Yilmaz against his opponent Alisher Abdsattar that led to the 1-0.
On the other hand, Nurali Nurshin failed to complete his attack – as we know one blunder is enough to change the game’s result – and lost to Garg Hriday.

In the girls’ categories things are more stable – for G13 & G17 the top three remain the same. We anxiously wait to see what will happen in the 9th and most crucial round.
 1. Gerelt-Oyu, Tsogtgerel (7) MGL
 2. Kinzyabulatova, Reana (6,5) FID
 3. Rayna, Ajay Patel (6) IND

 1. Berikkyzy, Alanna (7) KAZ
 2. Tselmuun, Ider (7) MGL
 3. Zhu, Alicia (5,5) USA

 1. Buyankhishig, Batpelden (7,5) MGL
 2. Diaskyzy, Daliya (6,5) KAZ
 3. Eroglu, Ilgin Deniz (6) TUR | Amanzhol, Khanzada (6) KAZ

 1. Siskou, Evangelia (6,5) GRE
 2. Urangoo, Gurvanbaatar (6,5) MGL
 3. Sodgerelt, Naranbold (6,5) MGL

 1. WFM Kirtadze, Anastasia (7) GEO
 2. Regidor, Kaye Lalaine (6) PHI
 3. WCM Yildiz, Elif Zeren (6) TUR

 1. WIM Kairbekova, Amina (7) KAZ
 2. WFM Ciftci, Zeynep (6,5) TUR
 3. Akat, Elifnaz (5,5) TUR | Hoanca, Alexia-Ioana (5,5) ROU

Alicia Zhu beat Zhansaya Sholpabek, completely destroying the king’s position and climbed to 3rd place in G09.

Anastasia Kirtadze set a beautiful trap, which April Yunwei Zhong did not calculate and cost her a piece (plus, the point).

After Be5 April Yunwei responded Ng4.

The first 5 boards of each category are broadcasted live via the chess websites and

You can find the games (of the first 5 boards) of all rounds (1-7) for all the categories below.
U07 – U09 – U11 – U13 – U15 – U17
G07 – G09 – G11 – G13 – G15 – G17

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