Exciting Side Events to Enrich the 2023 World School Chess Championship Experience at Rodos Palace Hotel

From April 13th to 23rd, 2023, the Rodos Palace Hotel will host the prestigious World School Chess Championship, and attendees can look forward to a variety of enriching side events organized by the Rodos Chess Club “IPPOTIS” and its partners. These events aim to enhance the overall experience of participants and visitors, showcasing local culture and providing opportunities for learning and entertainment.

  1. Informative Lectures: A series of lectures will be held during the championship, featuring renowned speakers from various fields. These talks will cover topics such as “Understanding Our Rights and Responsibilities as Consumers”, by Evgenikos Georgios, President of the Dodecanese Institute of Consumer Affairs” & “Unlocking the Psychology of Young Children -Managing Victory and Defeat in Chess” A Talk by Psychologist Hera Loutsiou
  2. Traditional Dance Lessons by Caltchure Club of Kremasti “Proodos” : Embrace the vibrant local culture by participating in traditional Greek dance lessons led by experienced instructors. These sessions will provide a fun and interactive way to learn about the rich history and traditions of Rhodes and the surrounding regions.
  3. First Aid Demonstrations and Training “CPR Revival and Basic Shock Prevention Measures”,Presented by the Rhodes Red Cross Volunteer Team : Learn essential first aid techniques from qualified professionals during interactive workshops. These valuable skills can be applied in various situations, both on and off the chessboard.
  4. Musical Performances: “The Art of Strategy and Sound” Alongside her other activities, Leida is performing in several events in Greece and abroad, such as television productions, fashion shows, conferences, inaugurations, as well as in corporate and social events.  Her highly expressive and dynamic presence transforms the events in which she participates to a unique and memorable experience for the participants.Enjoy live music performances featuring talented local musicians and artists throughout the championship. These events will showcase a diverse range of musical styles, offering entertainment and relaxation for participants and guests alike.
  5. Silent Film Screenings: Take a step back in time with screenings of classic silent films in the hotel’s dedicated cinema space. This unique experience will allow attendees to appreciate the art of early cinema and discover its influence on modern filmmaking.
  6. Additional Cultural Events: The Rodos Chess Club “IPPOTIS” and its partners will organize various other activities and events in the hotel’s premises, offering unique cultural experiences for visitors and participants to enjoy during their stay.
  7. Bus trip to the Old Medeval Town of Rhodes

These exciting side events are designed to provide an immersive and enriching experience for all attendees of the 2023 World School Chess Championship at the Rodos Palace Hotel. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy these fantastic activities while participating in or spectating one of the most prestigious chess events in the world.

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